The easiest way to geotag a JIRA issue is to create it directly from the Mapit gadget.


This function is only available if explicitly enabled by your JIRA administrator.

To create an issue from the map:

  1. Using the address search or set pin functions, find the location where you want to create an issue (or close to where you want to create an issue). 
    Move the pin if needed.
    Search for the address where you want to create the issue

  2. Click the "Create issue" link at the bottom of the popup box that appears above the search pin.
    (If the popup box has disappeared, just click the pin to bring it back.)

    Click the create issue link
  3. Select project and issue type from the dropdowns that appear
    Select project and issue type

    It is also possible to create subtask for the selected issue.
    Select status
    In additional filtering, select Status

    Select issue
    and then select the Issue that will the parent of the issue being created

  4. Click "Next". This brings up the JIRA Create Issue screen. Project and issuetype, as well as latitude, longitude and address fields, are pre-filled:
    JIRA create issue screen
  5. Fill in any other necessary information, and click the Create button. 

    Your new, geotagged issue has been created!

Note: you need to refresh the Mapit gadget if you want to see your newly created issue in the map.